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Creating a mobile app requires significant labor and time costs, as well as knowledge and skills in their development. It is therefore not surprising that the authors of the programs want to protect their intellectual property from unauthorized use. However, the legislation does not always allow doing it properly. Protecting intellectual property rights with a patent is not possible in all countries of the world. This is allowed only in jurisdictions such as South Korea and the United States. The European Patent Convention does not provide for the patenting of computer programs. A patent is issued only for unique inventions, industrial designs, utility models. At the same time, the authors of mobile development can protect their rights to apps using the registration of copyright on the program code and trademark. In fact, an exclusive right to a product cannot be fixed. It is only possible to secure copyright. What distinguishes the exclusive right from copyright? The first gives the opportunity to alienate the object of intellectual property, to receive payment for its use. The second type is equivalent to the protection of a literary work, it is not transferred to other persons and does not require registration. Only in rare cases, mobile apps can be patented, if they are legally issued as an invention, and design - as an industrial design. The copyrights to the programs presented on our site belong to their creators and are protected by law. Placing content that users can view and download on a mobile device is absolutely legal. App are added by users and do not violate the rights of their authors. If you notice content on the site that seems to be illegal, please let us know, we will remove it.