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A decade ago, few people used smartphones, smart gadgets. Almost nobody heard about phone apps. Today, the world of mobile technologies is literally replenished daily with new products, new programs are being developed, which it was impossible to guess before. News in the world of technology is full of messages about the appearance of new devices and all kinds of programs. Modern apps on the phone are not only games, audio and video players, but also more complex designs, with the help of which it is easy to make purchases, keep fit, plan working hours.


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If there is no time to visit a lot of information resources, selecting news in the world of mobile apps, visit our website, where you will find a lot of fresh and useful information. News on the resource are arranged in a list. By the title you can determine how interesting this or that message. We have completely free to download apps on the phone. The proposed programs are released at different times, suitable for IOS, Android, the latest and older versions, less common operating systems. To discuss new products, commenting registration is required. It is not needed to download programs.